Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beautiful Phoenix

As I mentioned earlier, somewhere on the way to phoenix, my GPS stopped working.  It was diagnosed as a blown fuse and no one had a fuse that small.  The loss just stopped me in my tracks.  I depend on it entirely. 
Exhausted, I stopped in Good Year (west of Phoenix) just at sunset and got a room at the Comfort Inn, just off the interstate #10.   The Radio Shack across the street had the GPS fuse but it still didn’t work.  They sent me down the road to an auto repair who found I had a blown fuse in the lighter.  Whew, they didn’t have to take the dash board apart. 
I called my aunt Fran in Scottsdale to tell her I was in town.  As ever, she gave me a gracious invitation, so, we talked well into the night.  I parked the rig in her driveway overnight, and the next day we did our mutual most favorite thing…garage sales and swap meet.   She was on the search for more homemade salsa she usually gets from a swap meet vendor.  This swap meet is near the botanical garden in Phoenix and utilizes the former dog race track parking lot.  Dog racing used to be popular here and there is a beautiful facility but the state changed the law and racing is no longer legal.  Fran is a real pro.  We found the sala man.  She got 4 quarts and I got one pint to give a friend.   I did OK by finding a small coffee maker and a portable radio…for a total of $5.  Fran is the youngest sister of my Mother-in-Law, Harriet Tomatich. 
I love this area for its wide streets, great street signs, easy traffic, cleanliness, and rock outcroppings that look like Disney’s space mountain.  It has a sense of humor.  Today it was a cool 60 degrees but that all important sun was shining.  I may stay here forever…or until the temperature reaches three digits…whichever comes first.
I’m off to an RV Resort in Mesa called “Good Life”.   Its’ ad states it is an “age qualified community”….Ha, that just means you have to be 55 or older.  I’m not embarrassed anymore to say “Give me the senior discount please”.  I’m certainly “age qualified”.
A call to friend, Robert Crista, set up a possible time with him and wife Chris on Thursday.  He is a real estate agent and busy…things are hopefully picking up.  Meanwhile the van is making occasional clinking sounds in the motor.  I’m pretending it’s just a purr…maybe a hairball.


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