Saturday, December 25, 2010

Last Day on the Gulf Beach

Another lovely and warm day of shopping, beach, and big lunch at the Golden Corral.  However, it’s  time for me to head west.  As I drive along the coast highway to the Louisiana border,  I’d not considered that I’d be looking into the sun from 3:30 until dark.  Driving, reading maps, and glare put strain on eyes and I don’t need more.  I will go to sleep earlier and get up earlier to accommodate this.
So, I pulled over at yet another Wal-Mart to stay overnight, and enjoyed pushing a cart around as families bought their gifts and holiday food.  One woman had a frozen duck and said it was traditional in her family.  I'd tried it many years ago and a few bites of cooked duck did not produce a need for more.   It was a noisy night at the Wal-Mart even though I was parked on the furthest boundary.  Motorcycles, car alarms, screeching tires.   I guess I can sleep through anything.    
On Friday I started early with about 8 hours of constant driving until just west of Houston.   Since it was Christmas eve, I decided to give myself a treat.  I stayed at a nice hotel with an in-room Jacuzzi and lots of hot water.   With dinner next door at a recommended restaurant (good food and service) I then got a good night’s sleep as I watched a drenching Texas thunder and rain storm from a warm space.  Christmas Day is forecast as windy but dry.  I will be starting early.    


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