Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday in Mississippi

Entering Mississippi state line, I stopped at the tourist center where I was greeted with a cup of coffee and all the help I could ask for.  So, with maps and a plan I headed to a Passport America RV Resort near Long Beach.  There is a 75 mile strip of coastal scenic highway (#90) that parallels I-10 and Long Beach is close to the western end. 
I called my daughter Teri’s friend, Cindi, who used to live in this area.  A world traveler, she gave me some ideas.  At this time she was in Washington state and preparing for a trip to Antarctica. 
The entrance to the Magic River RV resort is a narrow road between two private lakes.  It’s quiet with pine trees and only about 6 other rigs .  One gentleman from Minnesota and on his way to Brownsville, Texas said that there is a 70% chance of rain tonight.  He also said that when it rained here on his stop last year they had to leave at 10pm because the roads were flooding.  I’ll be prepared to leave. 
Sunday morning

We got a few rain showers but no flooding.  This area has been concerned about the drought they have had for several years so rain is matter how little.

For a few days I'll be driving slowly along the 75 mile coastline road (#90) that goes through Gulfport and Biloxie.  It is sunny and crisp but VERY enemy since it takes all my energy to keep this "kite" on the road.  Gulfport today is quiet except for church bells. There is some hurricane damage evident especially along the very coastline but it appears that McDonald's and Burger King are new. There is a "memorial sign" where a church once stood.  The lot is empty with just the cement foundation left.  Inland a bit, the traditional one-story brick houses all appear to have new roofs.  The white sand beaches are clean and beautiful with no one on them...too cold and windy.


Janelle Meraz Hooper said...

Good to see you're making good time. Too bad about the wind!

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