Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Texas on Tuesday and Wednesday as well

I love driving west Texas.  Unlike New Mexico, it has interesting rolling hills, mountains, and a variety of rocks.  Every turn is a new scene.  I see few cars…mostly trucks and some RV’s but the two well-paved lanes are usually mine.  This is so much more relaxing than in the cities.  It is a bit gusty in some areas but otherwise warm and pleasant.   
I noticed an oil rig near the road…not pumping…and the rotating wind turbines on the hill behind it.  Interesting statement.
Just before Fort Stockton, I checked to find the Wal-Mart address and the GPS took me to a wonderfully welcoming parking lot.  I met another RV traveler…a French Canadian…and we both went in to get permission for an overnight and they agreed.  There are about 8 of us parked here now.  I went in to get supplies and a newspaper.  Not much happening in this town.  The sunset is at 6pm…central standard time so this will give me some more driving hours. 
I took a break and had lunch at a restaurant in Vado.  There was a table of 6 ranchers…all with cowboy hats and boots…and I sat as close as I dare as the only other customer.  Yes, they discussed horses, halters, chasing cows, and laughed a lot. 
In the morning, it was an early start and all day drive east past San Antonio and to the RV park in Luling.  I was exhausted but found a restaurant named Blake’s with the best prime rib ever.  The locals say that it was originally a railroad, oil, and cattle town.  In the early days, the town wives burned down a section of town that held the brothels.  There are new oil finds nearby and they are building new pipelines just south of here. This area also grows pecans and watermelons.
Vanessa is making some serious noises, especially when going slow.  Maybe after a nights rest…she pushed really hard today.


Janelle Meraz Hooper said...

Keep going. It's been raining here for hours. Rained all night.
How is Vanessa?

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