Saturday, December 4, 2010

Feeling Like a "Regular"...for a Short Time

It's surprising how fast you can fall into a routine.  A few days at the "Good Life RV Resort", I'd met people at the laundry, have "happy hour" with the neighbors, get an acknowledging wave at the gated entrance, and discussed books at the library.  Just a lovely place.

Prince Rupert,, Vancouver Island, many here are Canadian.  They are from all Provinces and some from isolated towns.  Their phone calls to home reported snow by the feet...not in inches.  Since I've worked in Abbotsford, B.C., and traveled most of that area...I was invited to their happy hours.  Although not a beer drinker, I noticed they brought their own Molsen by the case.  They are very encouraging for me to stay..."Best sunshine and no bugs".  "The weather on the Gulf Coast is only 58 degrees today."  On day 5, I sadly I waved farewell to my new friends and drove back to Scottsdale.

After a few days to visit relatives and go shopping, it's off to Tucson tomorrow morning. 


BJ said...

Now you know why we love the snowbird life :)

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