Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Finish Line-At Last

This afternoon I arrived at the home of Will and Di in Tampa.  Although known for its balmy winters, Florida is experiencing an "unusual freeze".  You've already heard me talking about cold and windy weather during my last few days along the coast. Fortunately, this is supposed to end soon and warm up.

Daughter Teri and her husband Bryan had been here visiting (they otherwise live near me in the Northwest), then went on a short cruise and will join us in a few days for an early holiday celebration all together.

Now for a little rest and time visiting.


cs said...
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Rory said...

FYI we use to live in West Palm Beach. A few years ago, there was a building that supposedly has the image of the Virgin Mary stained onto the glass. I was driving past it doing like 55 with a wealthy but elderly golf course owner. At that time there was a hudge crowd. The owner asked, "What's causing the crowd?" I replied, "Maybe they were opening up a new golf couse." I had to grab him by his belt to keep him from leaping out of the car! He calmed down when I expalined it was probably the Virgin Mary. I'm not sure what but for me that was a huge lesson.

Have a happy holiday and a warm celebration. Merry Christmas!

Mary Beth Ryan said...

Thanks for the great story!

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