Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Convoy to Tallahassee

It’s kind of funny how, when you’re driving on the road, you can bond with another vehicle.  Today around Pensacola, I started to follow a small dark Jeep who was, I soon realized, following closely behind a cream colored Toyota pulling a small, rental moving trailer.  They were going at a good pace-60 mph- on this two lane interstate so I followed them a respectable distance.  I found this relaxing since I could think less…they made the decisions for me.  We drove like this for hours headed east toward Tallahassee, Florida. 
I realized I needed to stop for gas but I didn’t want to leave them.  I finally had to pull off an exit and found they were also signaling to exit.  They pulled into a side parking area of the Shell Station while I pulled up to the pump.  I got out and walked over…ready to apologize.  “Hi neighbor” the driver of the Totota said.  I explained that I’d been traveling for weeks and somehow got into their rhythm and I hoped I wasn’t a problem.  “Not at all…we like the company”.  The older couple said they were from Michigan and were helping their son move from Pensacola to Jacksonville.  He was driving the Jeep…smiled and waved.  After I filled up with gas, I pulled toward the road and noticed they were also moving.  I pulled over to let them pass before falling in behind once more.  Then we all entered the on-ramp for another few hours together before our separate destinations.  Our convoy… our little neighborhood… moving forward together at 60 miles an hour.    


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