Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Mexico in One Day

As I entered New Mexico  the sign said: “Welcome to New Mexico”  “Be aware of dust storms that may be hazardous.”  “There is a danger of zero visibility. If so, pull over to the side of the road.”  
Well, I-10 freeway heads directly east and is flat with just a tufted golden yellow grass for miles on each side of the road.  There are mountains on each side in the distance.  I figured that if I could see them, I was O.K.  Sure enough, the signs continued, “Watch for dust storms next 30 miles.”  And the nearly lane-size shoulder continued through the whole state.  
This was a full day drive and was only dotted by colorful billboard signs advertising all sorts of upcoming hotels, restaurants, gas, stops, pecans, jerkey, and even the “Thing”.  I found best gas prices at Love’s  Travel  Stops. They are well advertised exits and visible from the freeway.  Easy on and off. They also have other services such as Subway and Pizza to eat on the road.
Since I had been dry-camping for three straight days, I pulled into a Passport America  RV park just before the Texas boarder.  I needed not only a shower, and do laundry but recharge my phone and other electronics.  
I had taken a Dust Buster and attachments and although it works OK, the trade-off for it’s size and space is not worth it.  A whisk broom and vacuum at any car wash would work well.
When I get to Texas I’m having a big steak.


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