Wednesday, December 1, 2010

70 Degrees and warmer

The sun is having an effect on my skin (leather), hair (dry and frizzy) and the sun glasses have resulted in those white eye-circles amide a more ruddy complexion…I don’t tan well.  I bought more sunscreen. 
Last Sunday I stayed at Good Life RV Resort in Mesa.  The next morning I signed up for 5 nights.  The resort is huge with mostly “park models”  as well as RV’s .  Park models are a cross of mobile home and a storage container .  White rectangles where people live very close to each other.  There are neat streets with little stop signs at intersections.  People primarily drive golf carts or bicycles.  The center has a pool, hobby center (woodworking anyone?), and lots of scheduled activities.  I used my Passport America card to get the half price…$20 per night.   This membership has more than paid for itself.  However, I do find that the nicer RV resorts listed only allow rigs that are less than 10 years old and/or more than 20 feet.  They do not allow conversion vans or tent trailers.  The regular parks don’t seem to care and I don’t need all their services anyway.  
Mesa is an easy town to get around in.  Main street goes east and west with the downtown area in the middle.   Most of the city functions are there along with a museum, and parks.  Lovely.  I easily found the tourist center where a very nice lady loaded me up with maps and brochures…even a big phone book.  I had picked up a few items at a Safeway earlier so I had a picnic lunch under the blooming pink bouginvillia.  I especially like seeing the lemon, orange and grapefruit trees in private yards. They are colored-up but not ripe yet.
Today I went east on Main Street from Mesa and went to Apache Junction just because I like the name (or was I thinking of “Conjunction Junction”).  People who live there call it “A.J.”  Anyway,  I found some interesting shopping but it’s just not as classy as Mesa.   This valley has many cities all cozied up together.  There is a gigantic street grid so that streets go north and south, and east and west.  Some common streets, like Camelback, go straight for miles and through a variety of cities.  
I’ve been spending lots of time at thrift stores where I got some deals.  An idea is forming for an on-line business, so after discussing it with my sister, Nancy, we will probably do it together.   It’s Just a seed at this point but exciting.  
Note to self:  Don’t bring so many pairs of shoes next time.


Janelle Meraz Hooper said...

What fun!So glad you're having such a good time!Janelle

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