Saturday, November 27, 2010

Phoenix at Last

Yesterday was a long drive through the desert.  I did spend a little time in Lake Havesu City to see the London Bridge and enjoy the dark rock outcroppings in and around the water.

My "home" is a mess and needs cleaning as well as myself.  Last night I stopped at a Comfort Inn in Goodyear (just west of Phoenix) for a big bed, lots of hot water and speedy internet service.  It was just dark and it's amazing how difficult it is for me to see at night. Now, after a good night's sleep and hot breakfast, I can catch up on house-keeping.  I am near an electronics store so I'll see if the GPS can be fixed. The sun is shining but still a bit nippy weather until the afternoon.  I find I schedule my life and chores by daylight vs. darkness.  Sure am glad I'm not on any tight schedule. 


Bonnie King said...

So nice to catch up on your trip. For some reason, my blog didn't indicate you had posted anything until yesterday! I was starting to worry about you, but voila - you were posting all along. Taking any pics, Mary Beth? And let me know how we will be connecting with you on the 10th, if that's still the plan. Should I call you or you call one of us, or...

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