Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ceres to Mojave

In spite of the stress at the Wal-Mart, I did have a good nights sleep and moved on south at early light.  The route I’m taking eventually to Las Vegas, takes me off of I-5  and driving Hy 99.  This runs parallel to I-5 for a while but it’s very poor condition and potholes  make it a hazard to drive at the freeway  speeds of up to 70mph.  It is heavily traveled. I would recommend that a traveler take I-5 and then cross over to Hy 99 just north of Bakersfield.  
Just after Modesto, a small red pick-up truck in my left lane blew a tire.  I was between two semi’s-one in front and one behind in my lane.  The red truck’s tire blew out with flying rubber hitting the side of the truck in front of me, spun around very fast, and headed across my lane and, I expected into the side of the truck in front of me.  I braked, the truck braked, and the red truck spun across our lane going backward and missing the front of the semi by inches.   It then traveled onto a large wide grassy field on the right side of the lane, spun around until it was facing the road.  It was so amazing, that everything and everyone was intact.  It was like watching a movie and the traffic just continued on.  It was just amazing..whoever was in there was very lucky.
Leaving Bakersfield I took highway 58 leading to Las Vegas.  At  Mojave, the landscape changed to barren grassy hills, then mountains of sparking gold and beige and brown.  The early afternoon son made them breaktaking.  But the best was yet to come.  Well into the mountain range was a covering of wind turbines not only across the top of the range, but in rows below that, and below that…as far as I could see.  Big white fins twirling at their best speed.  Driving between the mountain I saw more on the backsides and then I was surrounded by these flying birds.  There must have been thousands.  My guess was confirmed later when the manager of the RV park near Mojave said that many workers stayed at the park as they build 900 more plus solar panels...all to provide electricity to Los Angeles.  


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