Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ready, Set…..

Winterizing the House and Garden

It seems strange to be insulating outside pipes in 70 degree weather but these are the last dry days and lots of chores still to do before leaving.  So I’m cleaning up the flower beds and harvesting the last the vegetables. The carrots went into my favorite Thai curry carrot soup.

The Brussels sprouts were a new crop for me and I think I beat out the insects.  If you are not aware, these baby cabbages grow on a thick stem with lots of big leaves.  The baby sprouts grow along the stems and between the leaves.  Since these stalks are not sold in regular grocery stores, look for them in farmer’s markets or produce stands and cut the sprouts off yourself…the flavor is so much better.  

Otherwise, I’ve been “eating down” the last of the food in a 21 cubic foot freezer so that I’ll be able to unplug it before leaving.  This year I didn’t grow and harvest the huge amount I’d done years before so I’ll be able to do this easily.  

Office in the Van
The van is ready and I keep finding corners to fill with yet one more item. My “office” while on the road will be in my oven!      

With the help of some chopping boards, I have the laptop screen on the top elements, the keyboard on the open oven door, and the mouse on the middle shelf.  The couch directly across from it provides seating.  Not very ergonomically correct, but a start.  It may be too clever to actually work…we’ll see.

Odds and Ends

Since VANessa is a 1986 model, she has only a tape deck and radio.  This turns out well since I’m finding sets of “books on tapes” very cheap at thrift stores.  Tapes seem to be nearly obsolete.  

Richard, the banjo king, wants me to look for unique songs while I’m in the south.  As a groupie of his bluegrass band, I have memorized their entire repertoire and may be able to contribute something new.  Actually, this is an excuse to rummage through old bookstores for sheet music and seek out local ethnic bands.

I just finished the last of my blogging class at Pierce College.  Thanks to Diane Mettler (the writer) and Chris Bivins, (the techie guy), both great instructors with successful writing careers and blogs of their own.  Their web site is:   

My monthly breakfast pals gave me a sendoff at our favorite restaurant. On my way there, I pushed the van’s electric window button and it went down…but not back up.  I tried the other window which didn’t budge.  Noooo!  Well, at least it wasn’t raining.  (A later call to my mechanic assured me they can fix it before I leave next week.) 

The questions of “Will you carry a weapon?”…and the ensuing conversation that included every type of self-defense known to women-kind was well intended but a bit disturbing.  Another favorite was, “How will we know where you are if you drive off the road and are at the bottom of a lake?”  Well, maybe my window will be stuck open and I can swim out.  I promise…I’ll send you a postcard.  Go to Bonnie’s blog to see more about our group.

The rain has now come.  I have only the final autumn clean-up then I’ll put away these gardening boots until next summer.  


BJ said...

You go Girl! Be safe and am looking forward to your blogs. I added Bonnie's blog to blogs I follow. Will be curious to know how your "office" setup works.

Bonnie King said...

You are too funny, Mary Beth. I love the boots picture. I should have had a picture of you (if it was you) taking the picture of your own boots. Would have to title it, "Woman preparing for Road Trip".
Sorry we sounded like prophets of doom at breakfast yesterday. We just want you to be safe and have the adventure of a life time.

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