Monday, January 3, 2011

Phoenix to Palm Springs…going West

On Sunday morning I helped Fran with a few chores including pruning her roses.  The local radio garden show said that these rare frosty nights have put the roses into a light hibernation and it is a good time to prune…so I did.  This is different than my garden where roses are dormant longer and pruning is usually done in February.  I waved good-bye and was off to somewhere west.  I hadn’t heard from my friend in San Diego yet so I decided to go a bit north of there…Palm Springs.  I’m interested to see if there is a treasure of used designer clothes.
The Flying J,  a huge truck stop, was convenient and allows overnight parking so I got gas ($3.19 vs. $3.39 at the Shell) and asked about RV overnight parking.  “Just find a place among the trucks in back…we don’t separate them from RV’s.”   Well, I did feel like an ant among giants.  There must have been 50 trucks all jammed in tight.  They are amazing to watch the maneuvers into tight spaces.  I found a small spot at the end and listed to the rumble of engines and beeps of those backing in.  I DO hope it gets quieter.
I took a shuttle to the casino across the freeway and watched the Seattle SeaHawks win their game.  Yaaa
Yes, I did get a good night’s sleep and in the morning and I hadn’t even heard them leave before me.  I took VANessa for an oil change and then on to Palm Springs.  First let me explain the lay-out.  I’m in Coachella Valley, east of Los Angeles.  There is a spur that runs along side Interstate 10 and generally includes the communities of: Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Desert Hot Springs and Thousand Palms.  This is an area next to tall mountains which protect it from rain clouds coming in from the coast.
I parked in downtown Palm Springs which has lots of shops and restaurants.  The local talk was primarily of the cold weather. The sidewalks have inlaid plaques like a "walk of stars".  Most were of very old movie stars and seems to match the city.  It seems stuck in the 1940's and '50's...probably because that was the height of its popularity.  

I found a large thrift store with some amazing evening wear.  Beautiful gowns starting at $75 and up to several hundred.  I convinced the gals in the back room to let me look through stuff before it went out on the floor and I found some nice resort items in linen at good prices.  I also chatted with owners of boutiques to get ideas and learn more about the designers.
In the early afternoon it started to rain. 
Driving west and then north onto I-5, I went into the mountains which had just been opened due to snow.  They also had winds at 80 miles per hour.  I'm glad I missed that.  I had no idea that there were such mountains just north of Las Angeles.  Another geography lesson.  And now that I'm in the San Joaquin goes on and on.  I see plowed fields.  Where's the lettuce? 
Rick and Mary....I'm headed your way!!!        


Janelle Meraz Hooper said...

Good morning!I wanna see that Chico stuff you found!
I advise to stay where it's warm a day or two--it's supposed to be warming up here, but it still feels cold to me.

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