Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun near San Francisco

I reached my brother Rick’s home late Tuesday after a long drive through the central valley.  He and wife Mary fed me a great home cooked meal...meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and had me sleep in the guest bed…just what I needed.   Rick is my middle brother of five and a retired firefighter.  He is doing consulting work and has great stories to share.  Mary is a retired officer of the court.  Their home is in Vallejo, a community just north of San Francisco and the bay. 
Rick diagnosed some computer trouble I was having and we made a trip to buy the new equipment and then with friends to an afternoon at the Oakland Museum of California.  The museum follows the development of the state, has a gallery of modern art, and the feature was the celebration of 25 year of Pixar.  The gallery had drawings, sketches and models showing the development of characters in movies such as Toy Story, Cars, Up, Finding Nemo,  Monsters, Inc., and other films.  We then went to the friends home for chiopino, a seafood stew.  Yum    A delightful day.
Last night I got an email response from friend, Gary, in Chula Vista with directions to his winter home.  Oops, I’d already gone past when I got the message.  Chula Vista is near San Diego.  I’ll catch up with you at your summer home, Gary. Thanks for the invitation though.
Thursday morning I rolled out and headed north.


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