Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You're Going to Do What?

Although I love to travel, taking a cross-country RV trip alone was not on my list of must do’s. 

I’m not sure how or why I jumped into this but I felt the push of the upcoming Seattle winter weather and the pull of adventure waiting especially the Gulf Coast.  With all the news of the oil spill, and continuing remnants of the hurricane…I want to see it for myself…from Texas to Florida…and even help if I can. 

My destination: Seattle to Tampa and return with stops along the way.  This will  include Sacramento and history of the California gold rush, towns outside of Las Vegas such as Henderson and Laughlin as well as the new development “CityCenter” on the Las Vegas strip.  The Mardi Gras museum in New Orleans, seafood in Mobile, and friends along the way.  I’m open to your ideas and comments as we move along. 

As I explain to folks…I’m going south to California and turning left.    

Your Travel Buddy

Let me take a minute here to give you some background.  If we haven’t met personally, I’m female, single with grown daughters, semi-retired (consulting) with a past career in the business world, and trying to adjust to my non-working status. I say “trying” because I’ve retired before and then returned to full-time employment. I don’t consider retirement a reward for years of hard work because I’ve always loved my work.  I instead think of retirement as a career change with no pay…at least there’s none at this point.  I hope to be inspired to do more learning and writing.  So, with no visible means of support, I’m off to find my next career through this adventure…or maybe be inspired to return to the old one.      

How We’ll Get There

In early September I began a search for a small, self-contained RV that could be parked and not look like someone was obviously “camping”.  I already owned a 23’ RV but felt it was too big for just one person and not as maneuverable as I’d like in the city.  I found a 1986, 17’ Chevy van with an Okanogan conversion that is fully self-contained and in good condition.  It has only 54,000 miles, maroon velvet curtains and upholstery, fully self-contained and looks like new. It is a doll-house on wheels.   

After two “test runs” (one dry camping and then four days at a full hook-up RV park) I was comfortable with the sleeping, cooking, plumbing and heating arrangements.  I sold my larger RV and put the money into the van by purchasing four new tires, a mechanical check-up and a wash/wax.  By mid October she was ready.  Yes, my vehicles have a gender and often a name. My prior RV had been dubbed “the beast”.  So now my VANessa and I will be roommates for several months.


esang312 said...

good luck! will watch your progress..take a lot of pictures.

esang312 said...

Charles and I want to do that sometime.

BJ said...

I am so happy for you. We miss not going South this winter but will have fun following your journey. Happy Travels

Bonnie King said...

Congrats on the new look of your site, Mary Beth. I like it! Hopefully I'll have my blog up and running by the next blogging class. You are on your way, traveler!

Janine said...

I love the VANessa and can't wait to fallow your travels and adventures. Great Job!!!

Richard said...

cool Blog, I will be following you.

MacTravels blog said...

I will be following you on your newest adventure!! You are going to do this!!!!!!

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